Consciousness Resides in Geometry

Woodborough, crop circle on flax, 1200 x 1200 mm with light box

Consciousness Resides in Geometry is a new body of work which involves aspects of unseen performance, projection, drawings, drawn-thread work and embroideries.

Sounding Pattern is an interactive immersive installation. Participants enter a hazel woodland and experience a live hazel tree hooked up to a device that enables the plant to ‘sing’ by mapping its electromagnetic frequencies to an audible frequency spectrum- whilst the tree’s ‘song’ becomes visible through the use of a fine powder vibrating in a speaker.

Large embroideries of crop circles on flax echo cymatic patterns, reminding us how geometry can take us to a place that our intellect cannot.

This body of work takes inspiration from a visit to the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. This tribe translate their traditional songs into geometric patterns, which led Harris to cymatics; the science that studies the geometric patterns created by sound vibrations. There, she realised that the songs they translate into patterns, are songs that are given to them by a plant during a plant diet; a period of time to explore the healing properties of the plant. Harris initiated her own native Irish plant diets with plants growing around her house; Elder, Bramble, Blackthorn and Dog Rose. For each plant diet; a dried flower, vibrational essence, and a recording of each plant. Each geometric drawing represents a new thought form that each plant inspired to re-pattern within her.

Sounding Pattern, interactive ambi-sonic installation, The Courthouse Gallery, Ireland, 2018

Left: Marosa, cymatic pattern generated from Shipibo shamans healing song or icaros Right: Alton Bames, drawn threadwork embroidery of crop circle on flax

Dog Rose plant diet; dried flower, vibrational essence, recording of plant with Music of the Plants device, energetic drawings, 1200 x 300 mm, The Courthouse Gallery, Ireland, 2018

Elder plant diet: flower and vibrational essence, and digital drawing; inkjet & pencil, 550 x 550 mm, The Courthouse Gallery, 2018

Blackberry plant diet; dried flower, vibrational essence, detail drawing with inkjet and pencil, 550 x 550mm, The Courthouse Gallery, Ireland, 2018

Blackthorn plant diet: digital drawing; inkjet & pencil, 550 x 550 mm, The Courthouse Gallery, 2018

Hackpen-Hill, drawn- threadwork embroidery and detail of crop circle on flax with light box, 1200 x 1200 mm, The Courthouse Gallery, 2018


The Courthouse Gallery, Co. Clare, Ireland, 2018

Sounding Pattern, Call & Response audio gallery, London, 2017


Plant concert, Carole Guyette, The Courthouse Gallery, 2018

Live cymatic performance, Manglam P.I., The Courthouse Gallery, 2018


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