Everything is a Result of Frequency

At the Resonance show for Fringe Arts Bath 2014 Tanya Harris facilitated a live interactive experience of resonance which aimed to  provoke new insights into the subtle vibrations through which all life manifests.

Nothing is really solid; the molecules within matter are constantly vibrating at a particular frequency. We think that we are flesh and bone when we are actually a combination of electromagnetic signals. Everybody is emitting their own frequency and absorbing frequencies around them.

Resonance describes how frequencies communicate and harmonise with each other. The resonant frequencies of a space sonically describe the accumulation of frequencies present in it: the walls, the furniture, the materials that make up the space, as well as each person who enters the space.

Inspired by a technique discovered by Alvin Lucier, Tanya Harris will record the exhibition space. This recording will be played back into the space while re-recording it, the process being repeated over and over again, building up a feedback loop.

Initially, footsteps will become audible, and fragments of conversation will re-enter the space. As these recordings proceed, sound becomes distorted; a distinctive cough re-emerges as an eerie echo. Eventually these recordings amplify certain frequencies of the space, articulated by speech and movement; words become unintelligible, replaced by the pure resonant frequencies of the space. Listen here…


Frequency, Glor, Co. Clare, Ireland, 2016

Resonace, Fringe Arts Bath, Uk, 2014


Interactive installation, Townsland Carnival, Co. Cork, 2015


Sound Vibrates Matter (in progress)

Consciousness Resides in Geometry, Courthouse Gallery, Ireland, 2018

The Ecology of a Multidimensional Landscape, Courthouse Gallery, 2016

The Architecture of Sound, Ormston House Gallery, Ireland, 2015

Echoing Resonance, BE OPEN Sound Portal, London, 2013