The Ecology of a Multidimensional Landscape

Elementals Across Europe, digital giclee print with charcoal, 297 x 420 mm, The Courthouse Gallery, Ireland 2016

“Since returning to Ireland from living in London, Tanya Harris has been exploring the rural landscape of Clare through the lens of the mystic, examining sites of myth and folklore through phenomenology and geomancy. This exhibition offers a snapshot of her current research interests, from the potency of myth to the reality of its unique landscape.

Tanya Harris believes that humanity co-exists with Earth and its consciousness, Gaia. Thousands of years ago, people believed in the power of the elementals and understood that nature is multidimensional. This body of work consists of digital and mixed media collages, drawing, video and audio works.”

Anne Mullee, Curator, The Courthouse Gallery


The Courthouse Gallery, Co. Clare, Ireland, 2016


Clare Champion Newspaper, Co. Clare, Ireland, 2016


Sound Vibrates Matter (in progress)

Consciousness Resides in Geometry, Courthouse Gallery, Ireland, 2018

The Architecture of Sound, Ormston House Gallery, Ireland, 2015

Everything is a Result of Frequency, Fringe Arts Bath, UK, 2014

Echoing Resonance, BE OPEN Sound Portal, London, 2013